Monthly Archive: July 2019

Reuse and Reserve

New equipment comes with all the latest design and technology features. It also has a long life ahead of it and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which is a big plus. Buying new construction...

Crunch in Construction Cleared

Regardless of whether another is a year away or 10 years away, construction business owners should start looking at ways to recession-proof their construction business now. Even if another recession doesn’t hit as hard...

Designing – Brewing coffee

Anyone can cook good food in their home kitchens, which is why the cafe and restaurant industry pulls no stops in designing beautiful and attractive interiors to keep the guests coming back. A good...

Mega Property Show

The second-largest employer and contributor to economic activity, after the agriculture sector, is the construction sector. With demand for real estate buying and selling increasing rapidly, the need for a reliable property locator is...

Continuity in Construction learning

So you want to be a successful construction company? It’s about a lot more than just building the project. Just as a building needs regular maintenance, renovations, and upkeep, so do construction professionals. Successful...

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