Women at Work – Perception

Women’s participation in the construction industry is invaluable and on the rise. Though sometimes faced with an uphill climb, many women are dismissing the status of the present situation, avidly fostering growth in both their companies and the broader industry. Meanwhile, they’re making the case to young women exploring construction careers that their talents are not only welcomed but also important. From the field to the office, they are making indispensable contributions to their teams and projects and creating space for diverse individuals to deepen their expertise, grow in their careers and better the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector without limitation.

Women at construction work

Women make up around 14% of construction industry professionals and this number can only be set to rise with more and more women choosing construction jobs. Women in Construction are vital to achieving greater diversity. It provides a safe space to ask tough questions, to hold a mirror up to our sector and to co-create solutions that work for all.  Despite these barriers, women continue to build their path in the industry.

Safety for Women in construction

Growing resources for women in construction to enter the male-dominated field of construction, women can seek the increasing number of resources available to them that addresses their specific needs in the industry:
> Construction Courses
> Conferences and Blogs
> Training Sessions Etc

Few measures have to be taken while employing women :

  • Cleaner work spaces
  • toilet facilities on site suitable for both males and females
  • higher paid part-time roles and flexible working including job shares for both men and women
  • construction site open days for women and girls to work on site for the day 

Individual companies can make a huge difference in supporting women in construction. With a full day of hands-on construction experience and learning, as well as detailed information about industry opportunity, the Construction Industry seeks to inspire young girls in time to steer them toward the field. Construction is rapidly evolving through technology. It’s an industry that’s become a lot more than nuts, bolts, hammers, and scaffolding. By bringing awareness of the industry’s diverse opportunities to girls through community involvement and education to show young women that they, too, can be a part of something innovative and rewarding the construction field is giving more opportunities to women. They can work in virtual construction or they can roll up their sleeves and get dirty on job sites and also review 3D models on mobile devices in the field and give instructions to workers.

Growing oppurtunities

The possibilities within the industry have become virtually limitless for women in construction. Sure, you can still put on a hard hat and dig up dirt, but there’s a new fourth dimension that’s just waiting to be explored by the construction industry’snext generation of young professionals.

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