Concrete – Quick as a flash

Generally, when the water is added into the cement hydration takes places and the chemical reaction occurs which make the cement to harden where the initial setting time is 30 mins and final setting time is 10hrs. Whereas in the fast Setting Concrete Mix is a preblended fast-setting mixture of special cementitious materials, sand, and coarse aggregate, for projects where a rapid set is needed to allow for same-day use. The setting time of this concrete is to be less and hardens fast. The concrete clinkers are ground with aluminium sulphate, which accelerates the setting time of the same. aluminium sulphate is used as accelerating admixture in the dosage range of 1% to 3% by weight of cement clinkers, It can be used for setting posts and poles without mixing or bracing, in addition to working well as a concrete hole filler. It’s for slab placement where concrete thickness exceeds 2 inches.

Uses of Quick setting concrete 

  1. It is used in underwater construction.
  2. It is also used in rainy & cold weather conditions.
  3. Where quick strength is needed in a short span of time.
  4. Used for anchoring or rock bolt mining and tunnelling
  5. For the anchorage of Rock Bolt in Tunnel & all works underground, quick setting cement is required.

With the rapid development in construction, there is no time for time taking process hence people are opting for Quick setting concrete. It not only saves time but also has many things to fix including, itself getting fixed in less than half an hour for the use.

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