3D Construction

Primed for a change.

Industrial 3d printing is at a tipping point, it’s ready to emerge from its niche status and become a viable an alternative to long-established processes in an increasing number of applications thanks to modern technology.

One of the major element in the 3D Printing field is the advent of APIs  (Application Programming Interface)  core technology in construction 3D printing opens a new round of evolution, with the innovative design of the printer APIs core technology consists of a mobile construction 3D printer and automatic mix and supply units which combine to make the construction printing process as much automated as possible and minimize/eliminate the human factor.This element is unique and has no analogs in the world today.

1. Compact Dimensions

2. High Printing speed

3. Ease of Transport and maximum automation of the system commissioning on-site

4. This reduces the environmental impact as less waste is produced.

5. Less time consuming 

6. less waste with better output etc are few of the advantages of 3D printing

3D Printing in the Construction filed is easily accounted for competition with traditional methods of construction.  The concrete 3D printing market is expected to reach $56.4m in 2021

Construction giants are quickly realizing the potential of 3D technologies and their impact on the future of construction, and with good reason. More and more companies are starting up in the sector to create new, innovative projects.

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