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Shifting from a large house to a small house is like the saying “Putting an elephant into a Matchbox” kind of thing which every 5 out of 10 people face. And in today’s life, time and space matter a lot cause people don’t have too much time to arrange everything so they just dump it or else no space so they throw it away. A quick solution to this is managing the hidden space we avoid with a few simple tricks like this :

Have a close look at your interiors. Space below and inside the stairs, under your seats, the corners of the room. There’s space all around! The stairs are made of wood with a provision for storing clothes and soft toys. Each one of us need space for different purpose for some  it may be for showcasing their collection of books, for some others, it can be for spending time alone where no one would come to disturb,  storing an entire collection of accessories  or for a cool place for your pet to sleep -the needs are vast and varied.

Once the hidden vacant spaces are identified, go for a quick check -which space fits the best for what. Critical and creative thinking is very important when you have more stuff to organize with less space.  If you think having a bathtub in your small bathroom is not practical, you will be happy to be proved wrong. You can carve out a hidden storage space under the bathtub to keep your bath essentials making enough space in the bathroom.

A cavity can be made on the wall to store stuff which can be hidden with a door fixed with mirrors. The same can be applied on doors with the shelf to the inside of the room. Most of the time hidden spaces are not quite hidden, we just fail to identify them. When you run out of horizontal space, think vertically.  A lot can be done vertically to create more space on the floor. Having bunk beds is one best way of using vertical space. This works well for kids but it is not a bad idea for a grown-up too.

Corners of the walls are often left unused probably because we have never thought of it as space. These can be beautifully transformed into a beautiful showcase- the best the corners can be fixed with few slabs of wood to make space for the books and other accessories which will allow books to be placed there, less occupancy of place. Also, an extra slab can be attached for reading and writing space with a chair, which is the only thing that will take space.

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