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What is the reading room? Well, as any book lover will know, finding a secluded space to enjoy your favorite novels can be difficult. People will be constantly wandering in and out of the living room, kitchen or even study, finding reasons to interrupt your reading; maybe they’re searching for someone, or passing through, or making food. Even pets can pose a challenge to finding time to read, as much as we all love and adore them, so having a small space for yourself and your books only can be a perfect safe haven, to pass the hours away with your nose deep in your favorite story. To avoid such situations Builder stop has come up with few tips which might help you work towards a better and comfy environment. 

Wallpaper or paint color and style should be a large consideration. Calm, comforting colors, like greys or pastel colors, can really help to keep the atmosphere chilled out and good for escaping into a book. However, vibrant patterns on this color can become a distraction or eyesore, so try and keep details minimal and colors soft. Your mind needs that same, comforting environment to read properly, so make sure that you help it to absorb the words of your favorite novel, and don’t have ‘noisy’ decorations like wallpaper ruining your concentration.

While lighting is always best when it’s natural, your late-night reading binges may require some artificial lighting, for when the romantic moonlight just isn’t enough. Lamps or even candles can be added into your reading room as long as you address and keep in mind the fire hazard that candles, in particular, might pose and can even add to the atmosphere, with scented options available for candles and mood lighting with lamps.

Although it can be nice to curl up in a comfy chair with a book, sometimes you need support from something solid to read, and this is where a desk or table comes in handy. Not only can you grab a matching chair and give your reading room a smart, professional look, but desks are storage for stationary, notebooks and other writing utensils, which are often just as important to a reader as their books! People who read the most make the best writers too in some cases. As soon as you’ve finished with everything else, it’s time to work out where to store your beloved to conclude, there are many different ways to create a reading room and so many things you need to consider.

Color, comfort, and storage for all of your amazing books will lead you on the right path to creating the perfect little pocket of space for your reading, with good lighting to ensure that you can read whatever the time! 
As of now the trend for the nature-friendly environment is being taken as a major goal you can also add some furniture shelves nearby to the corridor in order to add the nature touch by planting trees in the open spaces which will create an earthy atmosphere for your reading time. 

If you still want something that looks a little like a traditional bookshelf, but also unique at the same time, then why not utilize some stair space – if you have it – and install a bookshelf into the underside of our stairs? This will wow any visitors to your reading room, and make your books blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house. 

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