Floor it the right way – Maintaining the Wooden Floors

Cleaning your wooden floor is straight forward.  All you need to do is sweep the surface of the floor with a soft bristle brush, do this every day to remove any small surface dirt or dust.  You can also use a vacuum cleaner but will need to make sure that you have the correct attachments for a wooden floor. Once your floor has been swept, you can then clean it to remove any surface stains or marks.  This only needs to be done about once a week, or when you notice any surface stains. Try to clean in the direction of the grain. You should never use furniture polish as this will leave a slippery residue. Also, never use a steam mop. The steam will penetrate into the wooden floor and can cause damage over time.

You can refinish your wooden floor which will help to revive and refresh your floor and can remove unwanted marks and stains. If your wooden floor has an oiled finish, and you want to reduce the look of small scratches then you can apply more oil to the floor, you will need to thoroughly clean your floor.  Then apply another layer of oil.  This will need to be left to dry for the appropriate amount of time before replacing furniture and walking on it.  It will brighten and refresh your wooden floor.

If your wooden floor has a lacquered finish, and you want to reduce the look of small scratches then you can lightly sand the surface and then apply more lacquer.  The finished look will be fresh and revived wooden floor. If you have large, deep dents or scratches then you may need deep sand and then refinish with oil or lacquer.  

Major points for the daily basis on cleaning: 

  • Wipe away water spills immediately.
  • Remove footwear before walking on your floor.
  • Use felt protector pads and never drag heavy objects across the floor.
  • Sweep away dust and dirt on a daily basis.
  • Clean your floor using a microfibre mop and wooden floor cleaning spray.
  • Never use a steam mop, wet mop, furniture polish or abrasive products.

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