GPS in Construction – Track on Work

These days, there are so many technological advancements that it truly does not make a point in ignoring them. This is very much the case when you consider GPS (Global Positioning Systems) that directly allow an employer to save money through the myriad of benefits that they provide. Because many construction crews are completely mobile, a GPS tracking service will guarantee that your back office can communicate with your staff at a moment’s notice, which is a lot more efficient than just using mobile devices. These new-age systems give workers and companies all of the tools that they need to greatly enhance the productivity of their team, as well as allowing workers to complete jobs from the field without having to return to the office. In the end, these upgrades can lead to even bigger savings, including lower fuel costs, labor costs, and maintenance costs, especially over an extended period of time. The easiest part is that you can see it all through inbuilt street maps or satellite mapping, giving you all the benefits associated with flawless fleet management.

Businesses, employers, and employees in any construction service business, whether it be plumbing, electrical, or mechanical contractors any service-based construction software company can stand to benefit from using construction software with GPS capabilities. This technology can enhance a company’s fleet efficiency while allowing construction businesses to increase profits in the process. Workers need to be redirected in the shortest distance from one job to the next to reduce downtime and drive time. This also works to improve workplace efficiency by keeping workers actively engaged throughout the day. You never have to worry about a vehicle being stolen, because you can track the GPS signal from one location to another within a few blocks, actively finding your property if it ever gets lost or stolen. Find workers that are slacking off or going places that they’re not supposed to, especially during break times, downtime, or travel between job sites. Also, your workplace can receive real-time updates that help you track, plan, and coordinate your drivers, saving time and money. 

You can talk directly to drivers about the routes that are being taken, and how they can be improved, especially if they’re transporting vital supplies for a job. An unforeseen benefit includes greater insight into how your vehicle has been maintained throughout its service. You’ll be able to see all of the activities that your vehicle has made through tracking reports. These are designed to help reduce your overall business costs for anyone’s vehicle because you’ll see when a vehicle is idling too long, is driving too far, or has been in rotation for too long. This further benefits your business in the long term. The biggest savings to your company might not be immediately obvious, but they are numerous other ways like fuel and maintenance costs can really add up over time. When you have many vehicles being driven by several members of a crew, it can be difficult to keep track of regular maintenance on many different vehicles. This negligence can lead to many unpredictable costs including towing costs, storage costs, and repair costs by catching problems earlier. 

By planning more efficient routes, you can dramatically affect the mileage on your vehicles. Therefore travel costs at labor rates can be enormous, especially when your employees spend all day on the road. GPS technology in the construction business gives workers an opportunity to get moving in the right direction immediately after a short job. This allows workers to service multiple jobs in a row without ever having to come back to the office, thus increasing productivity overall. Reduce worker liability with the ability to know how all technicians are performing at all times. When workers are doing what they’re supposed to do, and doing so correctly, they are less likely to get hurt. GPS technology in the construction industry gives you the ability to fully manage and gain complete control of your service operation.

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