India’s Largest Hydro-Electric Project in Arunachal Pradesh

There are many steps involved in taking a hydroelectric project from the initial concept to construction. Hydropower is considered as one of the most economic and nonpolluting sources of energy. The power generated from water is termed as Hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity means electricity generated by hydropower or from the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. One of the most common forms of power generation since this form of energy neither produces any direct waste matter nor is subjected to exhaustion.  One such project is getting established in India. As reported by the PIB, GOI, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the expenditure on pre-investment activities and various clearances for Dibang Multipurpose Project (MPP) in Arunachal Pradesh for an amount of Rs. 1600 crore.

The key highlights of the Project

  • This is the largest ever Hydro Electric Projects to be constructed in India. The dam is 278 meters high and will be the highest dam in India once completed.
  • The estimated total cost of the Project is Rs. 28080.35 including IDC & FC of Rs 3974.95 crore at Jun’18 price level.
  • The estimated completion period for the project shall be nine years from receipt of Government sanction.
  • The project shall generate 2880MW (12x240MW) power to produce 11223MU of energy in a 90% dependable year.
  • The Project is located on river Dibang, in Lower Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The project envisages construction of a 278 m high Concrete Gravity Dam (above deepest foundation level), 6 Nos. horseshoe-shaped Head Race Tunnels of length varying from 300 m to 600 m with 9 m dia., an underground Power House and 6 Nos. horseshoe-shaped Tail Race Tunnels of length varying from 320 m to 470 m with 9m dia.
  • On completion, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh will get 12% free power from the project i.e. 1346.76 MU. 1% free power (i.e. 112 MUs will be given in the Local Area Development Fund(LADF).
  • The total value of the benefit to Arunachal Pradesh from Free power and contribution to LADF will be Rs 26785 crore over the project life of forty years.
  • Dibang Multipurpose Project (Dibang MPP) is envisaged as a storage-based hydro-electric project with flood moderation as the key objective.
  • The construction of Dibang MPP shall prevent the sizeable downstream area from floods.
  • After the implementation of the master plan of Brahmaputra Board for flood moderation of all rivers contributing to river Brahmaputra, of which Dibang MPP is one of the components, the sizable area will be protected from flooding and help in mitigating the perennial damage due to floods in Assam.
  • The project is having all statutory clearances viz. TEC, Environment Clearance, Forest Clearance (Stage-l) and Defence Clearance except for Forest Clearance (Stage-II) for seeking Investment Sanction from Govt. of India.

In addition to the mandated R&R plan, it is also proposed to spend Rs. 241 crore on Community and Social Development plan and certain concerns raised by the local people during the public hearings. It is also proposed to spend an amount of Rs. 327 lakhs on a plan for the protection of culture and identity of local people.

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