Japan’s Huge Investment Plan in Indian Infrastructure.

After the Japanese delegation led by Kenji Hiramatsu met and the DoNER Minister Dr Jitendra Singh, Japanese government has announced a huge investment of around 13,000 Crores in the development of Roads in North Eastern States of India

There has been a rigorous work happening in the infrastructural aspects of the North Eastern States in the past 3 to 4 years for which this investment would supplement and bring in huge changes in the accessibility perspective.

Major Projects of investment where Japan will contribute include Guwahati Water Supply Project and Guwahati Sewage Project in Assam, Northeast Road Network Connectivity Improvement Project spread over Assam and Meghalaya, Northeast Network Connectivity Improvement Project in Meghalaya, Bio-diversity Conservation and Forest Management Project in Sikkim, Sustainable Forest Management Project in Tripura, Technical Cooperation Project for Sustainable Agriculture & Irrigation in Mizoram, Forest Management Project in Nagaland, etc.

Appreciating the move by Japanese Government Dr Jitendra Singh has reiterated on the progress taking place in other international collaborations that are on track and would bring some key changes on how North Eastern States are going to transform including the amendment to the 90-year old “Indian Forest Act of 1919” which will bring tremendous changes in home grown bamboo industry.

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