Nurturing the interior of the nursery

Getting a nursery perfect for a baby isn’t an easy job. Whether it’s your first or fifth, you’ll want to make sure the room is special, comfortable and dreamy for baby. However, sticking with a theme or central color is important to pull the look together. The fun is in the details! However, always check the safety specifications of new design features before installing them in your nursery.

Accent Wall
Wall Art
Hanging Mobile
Shelving etc are a few options for nursery design.

Safety should always come first in the nursery. Every project you include in your nursery should be safe for your child. Additionally, you can do some childproofing nursery tasks on your own. Securely anchoring bookshelves, dressers and other standing furniture pieces to the wall is a big safety measure you can take for your child. Wall treatments can also be a safety hazard if there is a pull cord attached. Replace these with a short curtain that matches your nursery décor.

Making sure your nursery is safe should be the top priority. If you’re looking for a decorative element in your nursery that will really pop, go with a bold accent wall. If you’re worried about indoor air pollution, look into accent wallpaper or some small stencils you can apply with non-toxic craft paint.  Choosing the right wall art is important to your overall nursery decor. It will set the theme and help to bring the look together. While mirrors and large frames make great decorative items elsewhere in the home, they’re not recommended in nurseries. Heavier items can fall and break, creating a safety hazard for your child.

Pom-pom rugs are popular now in bedrooms, but with the right colors, it can be a great accessory to add right next to the crib or changing table. With a few balls of yarn, you can have a pom-pom rug for your nursery in just an afternoon. Every nursery must have a hanging mobile. It’s a cute accessory that can be passed down and it’s even more special if you make it yourself. Mobiles come in all shapes and characters, so it can be hard to choose if you haven’t decided on a theme yet. Starting with the mobile might be just the inspiration you need!

Keeping the nursery neat and organized should also be a priority. But, storage and shelving don’t have to be boring! You also don’t need to spend a fortune to have beautiful shelves. If you’re displaying keepsakes, photos, and accessories on your shelving, you’ll want to opt for an open shelving concept. Floating shelves are the best choice here, just make sure whatever items you’re placing on the shelf can’t be reached by your child.
A number of soft materials and less sharp materials should be placed in a toddler’s room. including their clothes have to be arranged properly not only because they change too often also for not messing up them up or not any button might break and come into toddlers hand

A nursery is a special place in the home. Many new memories will be created here for both you and baby. If you’re ready to make your nursery one-of-a-kind, try a few of these nursery ideas.  

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