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The real estate industry has experienced rapid growth over recent years as a result of which the many people are expected to buy properties in the future we expect that real estate websites will be used extensively and will also be a good source of making money online.   People who buy property nowadays do some online research before deciding on which property to buy, for which property sites have to make themselves available approachable and convincing for a person who wants to know about the property. It’s important for these websites to provide the options open with all the areas to be ticked with respect to the property requirements.  

The following are a few of the websites that offer property counseling services so as to enhance the buyer’s experience.

1. 99Acres: This is the biggest real property website for buying and renting property in India and is completely committed to providing solutions to the client’s requirements in relation to property matters. This online platform makes it easier for buyers, brokers, and sellers to quickly and effectively exchange the ideas and information in an easier and simpler manner without incurring a lot of costs. Its USP is its major re-sell platform and it comes with various options for re-selling your flat, office space or bungalow. Its database is very authentic when compared to others. 
Check out their website here:

2.  MagicBricks: Their database is also very genuine and thus one of the best property websites for buying and renting purposes in India. Another good thing about this website is that it gives detailed research including images of the particular property before even the deal is finalized.  Key in your budget, the areas you prefer, the kind of space you are looking for and voila! Hundreds of options shall be before you. They also ensure to call you at regular intervals to check in case you have managed to find the property you were looking for. And they also help arrange for home loans.

Check out their website here:

3. IndiaProperty:  Research, Explore, Assistance. These three tabs on the homepage guide you through the portal. It’s excellent for people who live in smaller towns. Its USP is such that it gives complete and every detail of that particular project that you may be interested in, it also provides you with every detail that you may want to know about that particular city that you want to move in.

Check out their website here:                                                                                                            

4. Sulekha Properties: Almost every property website in India likes to cater to properties in big cities such as Mumbai or Delhi but this particular web portal deals mainly in searching for local properties even in small cities. Its USP is centered on giving good deals for buyers residing in small Indian cities.  

Check out their website here:

5.  It’s one amongst a very user-friendly navigation feature and the properties listed are accompanied by relevant information and pictures as well. The detailed procedure can be accessed through the buy, sell and rent tabs on the top right half of the home page.

Check out their website here:

Each website has its own USP that is different from that of other websites, therefore it is upon you to choose the one you prefer depending on your preferences and needs.

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