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Steel is one of the major elements used in construction as well as to form a base for a structure. There are many kinds of structures with different requirements and shapes etc, hence for which the steel has to be modeled the way it has to be constructed. Steel beam connections are categorized into two groups namely framed and seated connections. In the framed steel beam connections, the beam is connected to the supporting steel element through fittings whereas, in the case of seated connections, the beam is positioned on seat similar where the beam is placed on masonry walls.

Types of Steel Beam Connections: 

Bolted framed connections – In this type of connection, steel beams are linked to supporting elements whether it is steel girders or columns with web connection angle. It is required to take the strength, type, and size of fasteners and strength of base materials into consideration while the connection is designed. There are various standard sizes of bolted framed connections along with their capacity provided by codes. The purpose of such a standardized connection is to increase the speed of the design.

Bolted seated connections – There are two major types of bolted seated connections including unstiffened bolted seat connections and stiffened bolted seat connection. If the reactions at the end of the beam are large, then it is recommended to consider stiffened seat connections because of it has adequate capacity to resist large forces whereas the capacity of unstiffened seat connection is restricted due to the limited bending capacity of seat angle leg that sticks out horizontally.

Welded framed connections – Like other two types of beam connections, various sizes of welded framed connections with their capacities are available and provided by codes. The weld of the connection is subjected to direct shear stress and stress caused by loads on the beam that affect the weld pattern. So, these stresses are required to be considered.

Welded seat connections – It is similar to bolt seat connection but welding is used for fastening rather than bolts. The loads on the beam affect the weld pattern eccentrically and generate stress. So, like welded framed connections, such stresses need to be considered. One of them is used in the case of small applied loads whereas the other is suitable for the case of large loads.

Special connections – This type of connections is used for the case where the arrangements of the structural element are in such a way that standard connections cannot be used.
special connections include bent-plate framed, single web plate, one-sided framed, balanced web plate and Z type connection. The higher the degree of fixity of the beam connection, the greater the ability to transfer moments to the columns.  

End plate connections – This type of connection is made possible through the use of welding art. The end plate is connected to the beam web through weld because its capacity and size are covered by the shear capacity of the beam web adjoining the weld. It should be known that fabrications and cuttings should be conducted with the utmost care to avoid errors. For example, cutting the beams to length must be as accurate as possible.

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