Supra builders – (Beyond Super )

They are different

Eco Friendly implies better way of living, through an uninterrupted lifestyle. Go Green is the concept they follow with which India’s first solar powered apartment has been developed by Supra builders, Modern construction with natural and well inherent traditions.

The 400 square yards apartment has been established with 12KW solar rooftop installation which is the primary source for electricity to 8 flats consisting of 40 fans, 200 lights and 8 TVs and computers.

 The Builders have invested 22 lakh Additional amount on the venture with a built up space of 10, 000 sq ft.

Setting a great example for the future constructions projects and builders which will inspire them to work on such nature friendly projects on large scale. A modern construction with a “supra Builder’s natural touch is stepping towards saving Mother Nature.

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